It works both ways !
contributing in helping us with our mission


1. Financial aid
It does sound easy to do but it is always a tricky topic. How much is needed really ? Well, there is never enough to either please business customers or association’s members. Let’s meet up and discuss possibilities and feasibilities around an açaí bowl or smoothie.

2.  Goods
Depending on the nature of your business, you may contribute in providing us needed goods. It varies from catering (drinks, food, snacks…) to materials (marketing kit, security barriers…). Let’s see what you have and start from there !

3. Services
Again, you might be a sound expert in your field. Be it marketing, public relations, city counsellor, events organiser… please do let us know. Let’s have fun working together and share the fruit of our work !

promoting your brand visibility


1. Visibility

  • Promote your brand visibility during our sport events :

       - logo on t-shirts

       - logo on banner

       - announcements during event

2. Where

  • 6 cities tour throughout Switzerland

  • Supports :

       - Instagram

       - Facebook

       - Pinterest

       - SJJA website + blog

       - Youtube

       - Local medias when available

3. Target

  • Many hundreds of people attending (athletes, relatives, friends, event's partners)

 Switzerland, General Inquiries:

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