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April/9 BJJ


  • 15 CHF           Already registered GI

  • 55 CHF                               GI or NOGI

  • 70 CHF                                 GI + NOGI 


In order to better organise this first edition of the Lausanne Open, we have decided to remove the ISCBJJ card constraint from the registration process.


When registering for this tournament, we will check your details with your teacher to ensure your profile is accurate. We will then send to you your athlete ID number by e-mail that you should keep. If you hold the IBJJF card, simply upload it as it will ensure a smooth process. On the day of the tournament, please make sure to bring a valid ID (eg ID card, passport, IBJJF card...) so that we can match your profile with your registered ID number. 


For your information, the IBJJF card remains the international identification proof of your athlete profile. It allows you to compete in all tournaments organised by the IBJJF around the world. If you don't have it yet, we encourage you to apply for it for your future worldwide tournaments.


We apologise for any inconvenience this update may (have) cause(d) but we believe it is for the best interest of BJJ in Switzerland. 

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