Athletes should make sure that all your registration information is correct at the fighter's list.

Check your Name, Weight, Gender, Age, Belt and Academy.


If there are any errors on your application or your name is not included on the list, please send an email to:



Athletes may only weigh up and fight if they are carrying an ID (identity document) with a photograph, otherwise the athlete will be disqualified


Depending the kind of championship, weighing may be performed from one day before, one hour before or during the tournament (check tab schedule which one is applicable):


  • If you don’t come to the weight-in (to check weight) you will be automatically disqualified

  • Reasonable time will be given to you, so being late will not be tolerated

  • You only have 1 chance to pass the weigh-in




  • Players from the same club can be placed on the same side of the brackets.

  • Only two fighters from each team are allowed to compete in the open weight category. 

  • In weight division categories, clubs may have a Team A and a Team B. If representatives of both Teams make it to the semifinal in different sides of the brackets, the position in the bracket changes to put them against each other before the final.

  • If two fighters (team-mates) are suspected of fixing a fight, they will both be subject to disqualification from the tournament.  In suspected cases, the Central Referee should stop the fight as soon as possible and request the supervision of the Referee Coordinator.  The fight will then continue with the Referee Coordinator reserving the right to disqualify both competitors should the Referee Coordinator deem the fight to be fixed.




  • With the exception of Brown and Black Belts, only those who reach the semifinals will be allowed to compete in the Open Weight Division

  • Only two fighters from each team are allowed to compete on open weight

  • Athletes are eligible only to fight open weight if they compete on the weight division, if the athlete didn’t make the weight, or didn’t show up for the division they are not allowed to participate in the open weight.

  • To participate in the open class division the athletes must apply their registration before in the website and confirm at the event center table according to the event schedule. If the registrations was not done before, we can not accept in the day.




  • The players must to wearing Kimono to receive their medals in the podium (not allowed hats, earphones, sponsors’ t-shirts or other kind of advertise).

  • Not allowed to hold club t-shirt or teams flags on the Podium (only country’s flag).

  • If there's only one or two player, he/she will not receive a medal and there's no prize money, they will be moved to the next divisions. (except +95 division, where players will be placed in the open weight)

  • If there's three players, they will receive their medals but there's no prize money.

  • Division must have no less than 4 athletes from different academies to receive the prize money (in others case the division runs normally but there is no prize money).




  • Avoid problems, perform before a checking list correctly, and make your check in to the day stipulated.

  • Make sure to have clean clothes and NO GI uniforms in proper condition.

  • Before each fight, athletes will be asked to show their Picture Ids to the officials. Make sure you have it at hand, the absence of ID can lead to DQ.

  • Make sure to check the schedule at our website, brackets and schedules are also posted at the event venue.

  • Athletes must keep the kimono and belt tied to the waist at all times while in the waiting or competition area.

  • The referee makes the final decision and will not tolerate any complaints or make changes to the decision

  • The athletes are not allowed to jump over the fences/barricades in the competition area.

  • Make sure to get to the event at least 45 minutes prior to your bracket schedule. You should be warmed up by the time your bracket is called.

  • Make sure to listen to the division calls on the PA System in the Warm Up area.

  • At the designated time, go to the warm up area, wearing your GI and with a picture ID and Badge accreditation.

  • In the warm up area, pay attention to the bracket manager calls

  • After the Bracket Manager call, he will take you to the concentration area to wait your time to fight. The Mat Manager will take you to the competition area for your fight.

  • Do NOT remain in the competition area after the end of your fight. Return to the concentration area, and remain there until the mat manager calls you for the next round if you won your previous match.

  • Be respectful to the staff, officials other athletes and coaches. In turn they will show you the same courtesy.

  • Be respectful to the referees, showing consideration and appreciation for the performance of his or her duties.

  • Any disputes regarding matches are to be settled by the Referee. All decision by the Referee will be final.

  • Direct all questions to tournament staff at the administration table. We will do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible. Please be patient with questions as there are a lot of competitors at the event. As such we remain busy throughout the day.

  • Please maintain your belongings. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.



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